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Project submission

The maximum biocontainment level for studies conducted in the screening facility is BSL2. Bacteria and yeast  cannot be used on the platform.

The screening laboratory (L2) is restricted to members of the facility. You supply the reagents that are specific to the project and we carry out its realization.

You agree to acknowledge the support of the screening facility in publications arising from your use of the facility. If a member has made an important contribution to the project, as determined by generally accepted criteria for academic collaborations, then that person should be considered for authorship on the publication.

Contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (+33 3 88 65 33 14) to discuss the feasibility of your project. This will also helps for cost evaluation. You will be asked to prepare a short description of the project and prospects for internal review. If positive a time schedule will be proposed.

Do not hesitate to contact us for preparing your proposal for funding agencies

Last update on Mon 27 Jan 2020


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