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The High Throughput Cell-based Screening Facility is equipped with state of the art cell culture microplate incubators, automated liquid handlers integrated with secondary devices and plate readers for the realization of chemical transfection of mammalian cells, their incubation in controlled environment, the acquisition of homogenous cellular or cell imaging read-outs upon immunostaining and nuclear labeling (dyes). Cells are grown in 96- or 384-well microplates and incubated in THERMO Electron CO2 incubators equipped with rotating shelved carousels.


Tecan Freedom EVO 150 liquid handler integrated with a microplate POWERWASHER 384


Housed in a Biosafety Class II cabinet (Noroit), this liquid handler robotic system offers a good solution for automating cell seeding, cell treatment like chemical transfection and compound incubation, immunostaining and cell labeling. Equipped with barcode reader, it can manage microplates in a reliable and fast way to enable genome-wide siRNA screen project realization. The EVOware Plus software allows the programming of complex protocols

Thermofisher Scientific Heracell 240i

This CO2 cell culture incubator is equipped with IR detector for controlling CO2 levels and with a rotating carrousel in which up to 240 standard microplates can be stored on shelves. This stand-alone incubator allows maximizing microplate incubation with regards to humidity, temperature and gas exchanges.

Berthold Mithras LB940 multi-modal spectrometer

This benchtop dual-detector plate reader, equipped with plate stacks enables a variety of detection approaches based on fluorescence Intensity, luminescence and absorbance.


Thermofisher Scientific Cellomics Cell Insight CX7 


This benchtop high-throughput imaging system coupled with an Orbitor robotic arm with plate stacks allows performing high-content analysis. This instrument is equipped with a X1 CCD camera for imaging in 96- or 384-well microplates. It also comes with brighfield, confocal spinning disk and LED-7 modules (including one laser for the near IR). Available objectives are 4, 10, 20 and 40x.

Agilent Biocel full-automated workstation


By contrast to the equipment mentioned above which are integrated at a low level, the Agilent Biocel workstation integrates a large number of systems. The VWorks software allows programming for managing complex protocols from cell seeding to cell imaging.

biocel_reference (1).jpg

The systems integrated in the Biocel workstation are the Agilent Direct Drive Robot, the PEAK robot, Agilent 96- and 384-head BRAVO Liquid Handling platform, Agilent PlateLoc thermal plate sealer, Agilent Plate hub, Agilent Lid Store Hotel, Agilent Plate hotel, Agilent Barcode read station, Agilent microplate barcode labeler, Biotek EL406 PSUB3 combination washer dispenser, Thermofisher Scientific Cytomat C10 (N2, CO2) for cell culture incubation, Thermofisher Scientific Cytomat 6001 C450 UB for cold storage (4°C), the Thermofisher Cellomics Cell Insight NXT/CX5 (brightfield module, objectives 4, 10 and 20 x)) and the Thermofisher Cellomics Arrayscan XTi (with a live cell chamber module, objectives 5, 10, 20 and 40x). The whole system is enclosed in a Biosafety Class II ISO5 cabinet (Ermaflux)


Storage and data management

Cellomics Store is installed on a server (40 TB upgradable) and allows to import to the server images and data from the Cell Insight NXT/CX5, CX7 and Arrayscan XTi imaging platforms. 

Cellomics HCSExplorer software allows to export data and images to a variety of 3rd party analytic tools (statistics, image analysis).

Image analysis

Cellomics HCS Studio are the Cellomics image analysis software programs, providing the power and flexibility to deliver quantitative measurements of images.

CellProfiler is the other image analysis software programs used on the facility.



Data statistics


Our bioinformatics staff develops the TransCellAssay (Python, (GitHub repository, software for high content screening analysis, a toolbox for data formatting and analysis.


Last update on Wed 11 Jan 2017


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